D/DOCK launches Healing Hub during Salone del Mobile

Healing Hub offers future vision to an optimal work environment and beyond

From April 4 to April 9 2017, Amsterdam design studio D/DOCK presents the scoop of Healing Hub during the design tradeshow Salone del Mobile in Milan. Healing Hub is an exhibition that allows the visitors to experience the positive power of a healthy lifestyle and work environment. The exhibition is based on the Healing Offices concept, which contributes to more productivity, less absenteeism and an increase in life expectancy.

Healing Offices concept

In 2013, D/DOCK launched the Healing Office concept, which revolves around creating an environment that contributes to a natural balance for employees. Healing Offices is characterized by a diverse interior design, advanced technology, diversity and room for relaxation. By applying various workplace typologies, a flexible office is created, suitable for various work methods. This has a positive effect on the social interaction and creativity. The combination with an accessible supply of healthy food and encouraging exercise is part of a healthy work environment.

A place that allows people to perform better, also contributes to higher productivity and less absenteeism. Research shows that the application of the Healing Offices concept leads to a 30 percent reduction in sick leave, a 20 percent increase in productivity and a 5 to 10 year increase in life expectancy. D/DOCK has also implemented the concept in its own work environment, and in doing so, is gathering knowledge that is applied in projects.

Healing Hub

Under supervision of art director Jochem Straatman, D/DOCK introduces the recent innovations of the Healing Offices concept in the exhibition ‘Healing Hub’. Healing Hub offers a future vision to an optimal work environment and beyond. This exhibition is launched at design tradeshow Salone del Mobile in Milan from April 4 to April 9 2017. Healing Hub serves as a sort of tribal village; a place to work empathetically, to create rituals, to meet, to share, to have fun, to feel connected and to get inspired. “We do this by designing in layers, in which four fundamental layers can be distinguished: shape and function, rituals and culture, intuition and emotion, spirituality and magic” Jochem Straatman explains.

The central space in the area is the community table, designed by Aldo Cibic, with dynamic seats that invite an active posture. The energy lounge is an energizing station, where guests can rewind by means of light, audio and scent. In the ‘forum’ inspired by the tipi tent, presentations and lectures are organized.

In the mind room, the visitor is given a meditative experience at a virtual level. Wearing a VR headset, the guest visits 7 quiet rooms. Several designers sought inspiration from the 7 chakras that symbolize character traits. D/DOCK believes that the strength of a team is partly determined by the opportunity given to every individual to use their strengths, such as knowledge, insight, harmony, creativity and ability to organize.

The sensorama is a relaxation area fitted with a tatami – Japanese floor mat - and a massage mat. Here, visitors can have their stress levels measured. This takes place in collaboration with D/Science, the research branch of D/DOCK. The painting of the Norwegian artist Thomas Pihl, and a sculpture of Fabrizio Loschi invite visitors to a meditative moment in the here and now. The moodscape across is an artificial view, inspired by the sunlight shining through leaves. D/DOCK applies this concept in areas with little daylight, to invoke the sensation of being outdoors.

Healing Hub, Beyond the working world.

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If you would like more information about D/DOCK and Healing Hub, please contact Paula Plantinga of MissPublicity Amsterdam via paula@misspublicity.nl or call +31 (0) 6 11344462.

High resolution footage is available for download via the pressroom built for this client on our website www.misspublicity.nl.

Footage of the Healing Hub exhibition will be uploaded in April.

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